What is so fascinating about Magento 2.0?

Right after the release of the latest version of Magento in 2015, there were quite a lot of speculations revolving around it. Though some were enthusiastic about the new change and were eager to give it a try and integrate it with their eCommerce store, many other users were inquisitive about migrating to the new Magento 2.0 platform.

The existing customers feel that Magento 1 is farther better than Magento 2.0 unaware of its fascinating features.

Magento 1 – an overview

The initial release of Magento was in 2007 by Varien Inc., a US-based private company.

So what is Magento?

Magento is an open source eCommerce development platform written in PHP. Magento Community Edition, Magento Enterprise Edition, and Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition are the three variable editions of Magento. You might not have forgotten about Magento Professional Edition and Magento Go since they are the earlier editions of Magento!

Experts take on Magento 2.0

We all know that the earlier version of Magento is a great hit and is still loved by many of the users. They are more contented with Magento 2.0. But when we have a look at the market share of Magento in the eCommerce platform, there is no evident share. Experts feel that in the coming years the eCommerce stores would be facing a huge transition from Magento 1 to Magento 2.0.

Why Magento 2.0?

With an average core speed of more than 20 percent than the previous edition, Magento 2 serves its users the fastest site speed thereby impacting the sales and business of the customers. Also, there is a better option for speed option in the catalog pages making it scalable for robust store owners thereby creating a difference in their revenues.

Never give stance to your customers to abandon carts in your store and choose your competitor over you!

Also, there is an easy check-out option which is user-friendly. This option makes the user’s online purchase easier by reducing the time for checkout. If the existing customer checks out the process is even simpler thereby helping your store to grow a lot in a positive manner.

Pros and cons of Magento 1

Users could utilize the code chips and create their own e-stores with the help of Magento easily. The best part here is that the extensions are pre-integrated with the development platform making things easier. The most common feedback users give is that Magento is a high-performing platform with minor issues like mobile-responsiveness, admin capabilities, and optimization related issues. If a customer requires any additional features it is mandatory to approach the third-parties for integrating it into the site.

The core speed is yet another complaint that was frequent among the users which are addressed with Magento 2.0. The latest edition of Magento has updated itself with more features that were dripping in Magento 1 giving a tougher competition to top platforms like Woocommerce and Shopify.

Can you upgrade your favorite features from Magento 1?

Yes, with just some addition of extensions!

In order to re-build Magento 2.0 from Magento 1, certain extensions need to be added. When the users find their favorite Magento 1 features missing in the latest version they would surely opt out for another development platform. Hence developers ought to reassure that the extensions are upgraded to the latest version of Magento (Magento 2.0).

Offer the palette of upgraded extensions which are crafted beautifully to your customers and get back their satisfaction in return.

Magento 2 is even more flexible than Magento 1 with a-la- carte features that define its uniqueness.

Check out the key features that make it a better choice:

  •  Integration with the most famous payment gateways such as PayPal and Braintree.
  •  Amalgamated with Worldpay and Cybersource to increase safety during payment transactions.
  •  Incorporated with some popular extensions making it serve as the desirable one.
  • Organized management with admin interface features that helps manage stores without any hassle.
  • Upgraded mobile responsiveness feature to promote sales on mobile at a larger scale.

Boundaries that restrain from choosing Magento 2

Though the new version of Magento is released there is not a larger transition here. What may be the boundaries that could define this aspect?

 The first and the foremost thing is that the customers are not ready for transformation. They would have to build heir store all over and this becomes a barrier to choosing Magento 2.

 The next possible reason is that they are quite contented with Magento 1. So there is no space to switch over to Magento 2.

 Some of their favorite extensions are missing in Magento 2 which makes them think a lot before choosing Magento 2.

The need to switch over

Magento 2 has become the talk of the world and the customers expect their stores to be the best in all aspects including the core speed feature. Else, they obviously would move onto stores that run on Magento 2 because of its predominant features like faster checkout and increased flexibility.

So, if you want to be one among the intellectuals be wiser and switch to Magento 2. Be sure to gain customers and ensure that there is no loss of customers. Increase your customer base easily with a simple switch over to the development platform you are using right now?

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