Top 8 features that make your online customer feel ease and comfort


Every eCommerce site should have maximum level of safeguards in place of making your potential customers feel confident and comfort. Online stores should not be a nightmare that scaring your customers on their orders – whether the order will come or not, whether the payment gateway might execute proper or not et al.

As per the survey conducted by Avira, 25% of people just visit the site to view the products that avail on market but don’t do shopping, 30% people concern while doing shopping so, and 27% people do online shopping only on well-known sites. That’s how it is your responsibility to make the visitors do shopping with ease feel.

Here we suggest top 8 factors to make sure of your customers get the safest and most secure experience.

Navigation: Moving around the web page is as much important as a site has to be clear. It is not necessary that all the fingers those who visit the web page is well known about the product and product site page. It should not be a big job to search for the link icons in the page for the visitors. The proper code of formulating the templates following by the designers actually helps visitors in a great way to move around the web page when they seek for any information say for; Products, Features, Quote for Buy, Testimonials/Reviews et al.

Proper Search Facility: The online store must be showcased with maximum number of products, can say minimum 1000 numbers. You must marquee your gallery page rhythmically on the landing page that to seek attention of the visitor. In addition, it is very important to route map your webpage with prompt site links at right way of navigation. And, gallery is the one which the heart core of the online store, think well, when the store is to be filled-up will roll out less number of sale coins rather than a large gallery. Hence we require an apposite search facility for your gallery.

Clear Product Images: You must be very cautious in uploading your products’ image, which will provide cent percent hopefulness to your customer. The product images must be of fine pixel quality. No customer should feel the difference between the product and the site image.

Security Certifications: To provide security for your customers while shopping at your online store, the hosting provider has to create a key and a certificate signing request – which you provide to the certificate authority. It is your responsibility to confiscate your customers fear on online shopping for financial and identity theft. Therein, your customers can be assure on your e-Commerce site by using as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which encrypts the information of the shopper once he/she enters the purchase gateway. Wherein, your e-Commerce online site has to be https (s stands for secure). That’s why, several verification layers are to be set-in before your customer logs in the online store. Say for, if the customer forgets his/her passcode, your e-Commerce site should hold required security question sets to confirm the right customer person before delivering passcode reset link to the predefined email id. Thus, no information is going to be shared to/known by any third party.

Payment Methods: We can’t predict that on which card the customers use to make payments. But because of the breaches with eHarmony and Zappos out in the news, customers think double before going for online shopping and that too make use of cards. Just for it, you must not lose your sale deals. Services from PayPal allow customers to make multiple online shopping with zero-share credit card data. Wherein, Visa allows secure shopping for the customers with ‘Verified by Visa’ option. So, it is mandatory to offer such options, it may take quite a lot of work at your end but the hard work ends up in worthwhile.

PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance: Passing PCI compliance testing is vital for your online store if your payment gateway is also coded for credit cards. PCI assures your customers to keep in the customer’s credit card information safe and zero data is going out. Never mind that how big your online store is, PCI compliance is as important as O2 for human, whether for credit cards or debit cards.

Apart from the above five factors, it is mandatory that your professional online store should have genuine Contact Us information page, Customer Testimonials, Money-back Guarantee, Free Trials and your Interest in meeting customers’ requirements.

Clear Contact Info: Having a proper office location provided with genuine address stamps a certification of goodwill on the Company. Could say as one of the major factors for security and faithfulness! When your customer is surfing in your web page, and he/she requires for your contact number for any kind business deal, absolutely it rolls the coin, right? As same, when you are surfing, suddenly if you get a pop-box asking, “How can I help you”, will it surprise you? Of course, that is Online Chats, where any one can be answered on hands. Moreover “whatsapp”, a magical wand of technology where everyone knows and everyone is therein for an amazing way of superlative communication / conversation.

Return & Refund Policy: If your order arrives, but it’s not right, we will fix it. No nonsense, we promise. Any issue when installing, does not meet your expectation or just not okay? You can return it back to us on anytime within the time period of 30 days. Moreover, we will refund your full amount which is applicable for above mentioned time period. These are the strong statements that should be in your return and refund policy which make your customers feel confident on purchasing the products from your web store.

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