The most popular START! – Microsoft fetches-in back!


Hello folks, START is back now! I am gonna not talk technically, as everyone might be bored with many, hope so! We will see a short story on it all together for a change!

Microsoft has officially introduced that the START option is back on its new version of Windows. Microsoft is so proud on the work they determined on the new Windows with bigger name and much larger audience. It’s a drum-roll, that the metrofied START menu is a refocus on the desktop environment. You all know that Microsoft has launched its signature Windows 8 – later to the last operating system, instead of Windows 9, we get Windows 10. A big bizarre jump -right? Microsoft counts for it.

Do you use the START menu in Windows? If not, then you’re apparently the reason Microsoft got rid of it in Windows 8.

In point of fact, Microsoft Customer Experience Improvement Program states that, the Company found that n number of users relied on Windows taskbar to pin and access their favorite software/applications instead of using START menu. Where, Microsoft felt that the time was ready to ripe some new stuff – to revive it, to give it with new identity with new clout. Hence the vanishing of START menu happened.

In addition, Microsoft prepared up the new metro screen, felt that it would provide high sense of clouts. But in turn, the missing of START menu has tumbled for demands and debates on the features. For people, who choose to cox of the metro screen, Microsoft thought the taskbar can do all the tasks.

The demands and debates are of that: “Though I am a desktop user, I pin my favorite software/applications, when I go START menu, I am unable to unlock a few set of scenarios”. Moreover, the Company has received a lot of feedback statements through its ‘building Windows 8’ blog posts and also by other resources. Also, in continuously Microsoft started feeling pressure to justify its decision of murdered START menu. There Microsoft realized the down statement in its business without START!

Microsoft copyrights START

Microsoft brings back the START menu, which was actually ditched in Windows 8 in favor of tiles. It is realized by Microsoft that START menu is something that is very important which makes the desktop users’ experience at ease with and help reducing resistance on usage. Also, Microsoft believes that the conciliation between START menu and tile display will entice the users to make use of the software/programs on tablets, smart phones and in particular desktops.

Microsoft is assured on that its Windows 10 will execute on wide number of devices with START men demands. And therein, Microsoft holds START menu as its own new born, it copyrights the option in genuine indeed. Now no can dash the privilege of START from Microsoft!

Its back now!

Microsoft officials stated that, there were n numbers of changes on the system. You might have been come across; #the name “represents the first step of a whole new generation of Windows,” Terry Myerson, the Microsoft executive vice president in charge of the Windows division# in their Company blog post.

To Microsoft, Windows 10 could be a new ear with new silvers. With Windows 10, the START menu and the traditional start menu are back – a change meant to appease users who actually demanded for easy navigation.

Moreover there is no jarring between the traditional Windows layout and the more app-like layout of Windows 8 applications, wherein all the Windows programs can get appear in! It doesn’t mean that Microsoft is deserting all the features of Windows 8. With some layout settings of Windows 7 will be as such! As well as, Windows 10 will be Microsoft’s next OS for phone, with entire amalgamation for desktop products and smart phones, with few layout changes.

Whatsoever, START is back! Let us START using START menu! Good old usage days know!

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