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We live in an electronic-savvy era, and shopping has also been taken to another level. Because of the increased in the number of people turning to online shopping, the term “e-commerce” was coined.

Electronic Commerce, also known as “e-commerce”, is the buying and selling of different goods and services by people across the globe through the use of the internet. Nowadays, merchants utilize different social media platforms to promote their brands, products, goods, and services to the people. However, the rise of different e-commerce websites is also popular mediums to get a merchant’s product or goods known to people.

Here are some examples of e-commerce platforms that can be used for their business, whether they are just starting or been in the field electronic commerce for a long time now:

  1. Shopify – they started in 2006 and has grown since then; from a team of 5 people to over 1,500 workers functioning across North America. The company’s history is their own online marketplace becoming one of the most sought after platforms in terms of e-commerce on the World Wide Web. They have decided to create a platform for fellow merchants in order for these people enhance their selling capabilities while marketing quality goods and services to buyers. Currently, Shopify has an estimated 325,000 verified stores over their platform and sales amounting to $24 Billion.

  1. Magento – they claim to be the world’s #1 e-commerce platform having been awarded in 2015 as the leading e-commerce platform in the Internet Retailer Top 1000. Magento creates a very promising marketplace for merchants around the world by boosting their sales through their different marketing partners. Magento has 250,00 merchants around the globe and 150,000 innovators that can help one’s business grow within the tight competition in the world of e-commerce.

  1. WooCommerce – their mission to be the ultimate WordPress toolkit provider started in 2008 through 3 people sharing their ideas via email. What started as a group selling premium WordPress themes has grown into a team selling themes, plug-ins, and creating an e-commerce platform called WooCommerce. WooCommerce is a fully customizable platform for online business owners, specifically catering to theme makers and developers for WordPress. Currently, they cater to 19 countries across the globe.

  1. BigCommerce – aiding to people who are starting out their business, BigCommerce powers thousands of merchants across 150 countries in the world. Their unique offer to business owners is their first-hand help and advice to beginners as well as a section over their website called the BigCommerce University.

Truly, choosing a platform for your online business is hard because the World Wide Web has a lot to offer; but remember to choose a platform that matches your needs and a website that offers a promising growth in your business career.

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