Smart eCommerce Solution With Artificial Intelligence

Smart ecommerce solution with artificial intelligence

Smart eCommerce solution with Artificial intelligence

eCommerce industry is a tremendous industry that has brought about a complete changeover in the shopping approaches by people across the world. The primary aim of each and every eCommerce company is to give their customers unsurpassed experience that is on par with offline shopping. Ease of discovering products, detailed product description, etc they provide give the customers a seamless way to buy products enjoying the comfort of being at home.

This arena of online business and online selling is taking giant steps to facilitate its customers with better personalization, efficiency and automated processes by the introduction of cognitive advancements and use of ‘smart data’. We call it artificial intelligence in simple words!

Habit commerce or Behavior commerce

Customers’ shopping interests and behaviors are studied every time they surf for products online in devices including laptop, tablets, desktop, smartphones, etc. With this, the eCommerce sites enable personalization of products and provide predictive analysis and product recommendations.

Visual recognition and image recognition

Visual recognition also called as image recognition is a feature triggered by Artificial Intelligence. This feature aids the users in easy identification of products they need. The process is simple – take a picture of what you want and load it in the search bar on the eCommerce site. All the closely matching products available in the site will pop up in the search result along with ranking and prioritization.

Product Recommendation

This is one of the commonest features on eCommerce sites which again helps in easy identification of products. This works in several ways. The website will keep track of user’s activities on their site and history of purchases. In a few sites, DVD recommendations are given for movies of various genres like drama, comedy, action, and so on. There are a few other sites that request for customer feedback for products which is later used for other customers who have shown similar behavior in shopping with their site. There are a number of such approaches practiced with customers and appropriate product recommendations are given to them.

Voice Powered Search

Voiced power search is a feature holding good scope in future. Though it is now nascent, this can make online shopping way more interactive and interesting by enabling seamless voice conversation. This will give the customers a virtual shopping experience on such platforms.

Empower your eCommerce store with AI and analytic and make use of every possible business intelligence options available and take your business higher.

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