Why Digital Transformation Should Be A Strategic Priority For Travel Industry?


There are two things to consider here. First is what will happen to your customer base if as a travel agency you don’t go for digital transformation. And the second thing is where you will you be after 5 years if you don’t go for digital transformation right away.

Let’s talk about these two things in detail and then we will discuss why digital transformation should be a strategic priority for Travel Industry.

What will happen to your customer base if as a travel agency you don’t go for digital transformation?

If you don’t go for digital transformation right away, only stakeholders that will remain are only internal stakeholders in few years to come. So all of your existing customers will go away from you and be loyal to the travel agency which has changed its strategy in alignment with digital transformation.


Because as existing customers, they want convenience more than anything else! If you don’t go for digital transformation, you won’t be able to make your mark in their lives and thus they will leave you for other more advanced, technology-driven competitors.

Now what will happen to those customers who are now your potential customers? Well, these potential customers will remain potential only and will never become your customers if you don’t choose for digital transformation.

Where will you be after 5 years if you don’t go for digital transformation right away?

To state where you will be after 5 years if you don’t go for digital transformation is in simple term “obsolescence.” When you have started your business, as per the nature of the business it should have been perpetuity which means that even after your demise, the business will go on.

But this is a critical moment and if you don’t take charge of this situation right away, your competitor will eat up all your market share and you will only be left with obsolete customer service, old processes and traditional way of dealing with customers.

It is important that you understand the significance of digital transformation right away and do something about it.

Now you know why digital transformation is important for your business.

Let’s talk about why you should make digital transformation the strategic priority if you are in Travel Industry.

What is a strategic priority?

Business has many long term goals to achieve. Suppose you create a strategy that within 10 years you will create another diversified business, then it would be called your strategy. But eyeing for only one thing won’t help the business survive. They need multiple strategies which they should work on. Among them, which strategy has the most significance in the long run and will help the business most, that strategy (or a mental leap) is called a strategic priority for business.

Why digital transformation should be a strategic priority for Travel Industry?

No matter what you are, a small business, a giant organization or a sole-proprietorship utopia, you need digital transformation in travel industry right away. Here are the top reasons for which you should not delay the process –

Great web presence:

We don’t need to tell you that you need a website to be able to function properly. That is a given. But on and above having a website won’t help until the website is not found by potential customers. You need to invest in the process of creating SEO effective so that people all over the world can find your website whenever they want to know about the travel industry. Moreover, you also need to create a blog where you will not only promote your products and services but also entertain and educate your customers and potential customers about the benefit of traveling with you or through you.

Social media exposure:

Social media has eaten up the whole customer base now. If you can choose one or two medium to promote your content and offer your customers great travel packages, the chances of getting more customers will drastically increase. You will also be able to directly take their feedback and improve upon your products and services as per the needs and preferences of the customers. You would also communicate with the potential customers and promote ads in social media. Don’t take this lightly. Because this single thing can change the entire dimension of your travel business.

Do some research on long range keyword:

The basic thing to stand out in the market is to understand what customers search for! Yes, short keywords are important, but you need to take into account long-range keywords which are used less. If you can employ a consultant for all your website and SEO needs, then you would be able to relax and you can enjoy the results. You may not be able to manage everything all alone (if you just started out). Why not outsource the website handling aspect to a technology partner?

Rapid change of technology:

5 years ago, customers couldn’t think of booking a travel package from their mobile. But with technology getting so advanced, they can do anything from a finger touch and remember, they have so many options. If you don’t serve them well and as per their need, they can switch and go to someone else for better value. So think from your customers’ point of view and offer services that make customers come back to you again and again and again.

Improve the processes:

The old processes may not work now. You need to install new paradigm and mindset into the business. Innovate, understand, apply and then if you need to change anything along the way, do that without wasting any down time. If you improve the process, you would be able to improve everything else. Think how you would be able to automate most of your processes so that it becomes easy for customers.

If you don’t make digital transformation a priority, you will be transmuted into something obsolete. And that’s not good news. We’re not here to warn you but to make you aware that steps need to be taken right away so that you can make your business grow, rather than being eaten up by your competitors.

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