Custom Software vs Packaged Software: Pros and Cons


Custom Software is the one that executes on requirement basis. So far you are ought to pick some developed (readyMade) software which matches your requirement,. Though it fulfils your need or not, you have to run with that. But now we gonna talk about a new milestone in the technology dais, that is custom software. You can fulfil all your needs by using custom software, which actually helps to set up your requirements.

Well, let us discuss about the pros (the advantages) and the cons (few disadvantages) in the custom developed software. If you own custom developed software, you are the one unique among in your industry. Say that you might set a trend too between the relevant business shots, for instance you do a brand creation indeed. It meets and fulfil all your business requirements and can enhance your projects. In addition, you can support all the essential features to support your project, it tends to that you can hold the ability to strategize and execute for your future development in an exotic way.

No matter what is your company size and the number of clients that you deal with! Custom developed softwares help the company to grow from scratch to a bigger level in the industry stage. You know something; it helps even more constant result for a developing and growing company in all means. Wherein, it helps to set your brand, meet all the business required algorithms properly, thus provides potential customers which in turn leads to coin big amount of sale deals, hence the brand will set on top-notch point. Thus you can become a classy online store owner with ample amount of turn-overs. Also you can chart your budget as your management support. With zero license problems and with no cost issues, a complete set of freedom in executing your business is on your hands. Hence usage of custom developed software is all in one boost your business at one go.

Custom software development, though it is highly powerful, it requires few skills set to get it done for your business.

  1. Selecting a smart team (company) for your application development, who can able to really well understand your business needs.
  1. Preparing a complete requirement document and analyzing the possibilities with the development team before starting the development.
  1. Quality Analysis, when it comes to custom developed software, it definitely have higher bug ratio when compared to opensource software. Proper quality analysis needs to be done before its delivered.
  1. Finally, collecting detailed working manual and developer documentations will help you in your future enhancements.

Never have we talked about cons? We actually forget to discuss! Nothing big, that it will analyse and list down your domain based requirements, which may end up in sharing. You have to be very sure on your business requirements, where custom software will satisfy 90-95 percentages. Unless, you can go with developed software which auto runs with its in-built codes. However it is, custom developed software retrieves more number of business votes when compare to the cooked one!

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