Chatbots – a fascination in the retail industry


Here is the latest trend in online retailing! Expanding the business empire with interactive chatbots!

Chatbot – Introduction

A chatbot is actually a computer program which simulates communication with the site visitors either in the form of audio or in the form of texts. In short, it is a virtual human being which is programmed in a way humans would react to a particular condition.

Other names

Though we refer them as chatbots there are several other names with which they are referred to in general:

  • Talkbot
  • Chatterbox
  • Chatterbots
  • Bot
  • Artificial Conversational Entity

Where are they used?

Chatbots are majorly used in dialog systems. Practically they are used to draw in more customers to business. The other important purpose is to give out information regarding the products and the company.

Nowadays the chatterbots use natural language processing method but there are most of the chatbots which use simple scanning of inputted keywords, where the reply is actually the one which has the most words matched to it.

Chatbot selects a relatively matching response with most equivalent word pattern from a set of databases which has programmed set of replies.

Significance of chatbots in retail industry

So how does this chatbot help in the retail business?

  • Exchange conversation with customers
  • Simulate shopping experience with the customers
  • Enhance the user experience with the eCommerce store
  • Develop strategies for better customer retention

Artificial Intelligence and growth of retail business

We all are aware that there is a great fall in the brick and mortar retail shops after the advent of online retail industry. Steps are taken drastically to build a very strong customer base.

The milestone in the success of online retail shopping is the introduction and engagement of chatbots with the customers and site visitors.

Chatbots have made a mark to an extent that they have become the future of retail industry since they generate business for a store.

The physical stores need to incorporate a separate online retail store with chatbot feature and see to it that the business is developed in a positive manner.

The customers purchase behavior could be recorded with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

What does the research say?

Researchers conclude that the customers expect an assistant to assist them in their purchase process. And they would move onto another store if there is no significant assistance that would help them in selecting their desired product.

Hence, the chatbots act as business development executives for any online retail business. It is also well-known that a customer would surely get attracted to additional star lusting features.

Bots are brand ambassadors

Bots have turned as brand ambassadors for the retail stores indeed. The customers judge the retail store the way the bot respond. This clearly tells us that bots need to be deliberate and committed and must react and respond appropriately in order to impress the customers.

Future of chatbots

So, what exactly is the future of bots in the retail industry?

The sophistication of chat-driven user interfaces for effective management of customer trafficking in the case of average retailers.

In the future, chatbots are expected to be more empathetic and interactive and would enhance the enthusiasm of the customer in a drastic manner. The main expectation of a retailer is that his chatbot must be able to guide the customers deep into the store and must be able to put forth suggestions that are worthy and useful to the customer.

The overall experience is so user-friendly such like texting to a best friend! Chatbots can very soon be seen integrated with transaction processing and brand management.

Once the kinks have been worked out it’s a sure thing that chatbots would rule the online retail business world

Significance and application of chatbots

Have a glimpse at the most famous bot creation platforms that would give an even clearer idea of the significance and application of chatbots.


Without any programming, Chatfuel helps in the creation of chatbots that could be used as event assistants and for customer support. Everything is done within a short span of time. Currently, about 17 million users are on this platform. Almost 360 000 bots are created till date by Chatfuel.

Facebook bots

Facebook Messenger has been a dwelling place for several bots over a period of time. These Facebook bots help develop business by building a relationship with the customers. There is a clear illustration depicted in the Facebook Quick Start Guide that would help in the creation of a bot right from scratch instantly.

Telegram Bots

Telegram is always a pioneer when it comes to innovation. The Telegram bots are a way unique since they use HTTP-based interface to develop and deploy bots that are quite powerful.

Microsoft Bot Framework

Microsoft Bot Framework Overview gives a clear cut idea on how to build a chatbot without any snag. The bot is an open source, works without a server, easily approachable and the best – able to get integrated with most platforms and services.


ChatScript is an open-source project which is written in C and C++. The best part is that it is available for everyone on GitHub for studying and adopting purposes. ChatScript is the best bot that could be used to maintain a natural conversation with the users.


Without even a single coding, one could create a super efficient chatbot with the help of Chattypeople. The best part is that it supports OpenCart, Magento and WooCommerce platforms and integrates with PayPal for free. Also, when you have more than 100 customers to your base, the upgrade to advanced plan (auto updates, premium support, unlimited comments reply, etc) is free.


Pandorabots support the creation and hosting of chat bots that would react like a human while reacting with the customers (be it a text or voice assistance). This is mainly because Pandorabots support AIML (an XML dialect) to create natural language software agents. Employee training, hosting, licensing, data services and others are some of the bot building services of Pandorabots.

Beep Boop

The best platform to build an efficient AI chatbot at ease for Slack is the Beep Boop which is entirely dependent on GitHub for source code management and Docker deployment. The interesting part is that Beep Boop offers a free version for 3 Slack teams but the only concern is that the platform needs to be restarted weekly.


This platform makes chatbot creation simpler by offering an array of plugins that would integrate any of the desired platforms with chatbots easily just by a drag and drop interface. Botsify bots are quick and qualitative responders.


After glancing through this blog post you might be clear about why a chatbot seems more fascinating. Also, you would have got answers on why is it called as the future of online retail marketing industry.

Also, the uses and significances of having a chatbot are discussed in depth. This will ensure that the user experience is satisfied completely without any hassles.

Are you planning on implementing chatbots to your website and make your retail business even more successful? Simplify business by reaching out to the best retail solution provider.

Think futuristic and pave way for technology to condense your difficulties.





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