The Best Web Application Development PHP Frameworks in 2017

Best PHP Frameworks in 2017

Have you ever found yourself struggling through complex codings and figuring your way out how a specific framework functions? Developers always find themselves in the need to develope web applications using complex programming languages which in return consumes a lot of time and effort, only to find out that most of these codes and frameworks are not working efficiently.

Use of PHP frameworks are important to build organized / complex web applications, and we understand that you are in constant search for one that will suit best your needs, here are some best web application development PHP frameworks you can use on your next project:


Although it was just recently launched last 2011, the Laravel PHP Framework emerged to the top as one of the most prominent PHP systems used by developers today. It provides easy-to-understand application manual and a lightweight templating function called, “Blade”. Laravel PHP Framework also enables users to access informative videos to help them work their way throughout their project. Developers love Laravel because of its easy-to-use interface, simple programming tools, RESTful routing, migration supports, and its most notable function, the Artisan. The Artisan enables users to use pre-programmed commands that can help them build their platform in a short matter of time.

Laravel Usage Statistics


Building the same frameworks over and over again can be exhausting, that’s why Symfony offers developers to reuse old codes to establish their web applications. A framework that aims to provide functional, robust, and versatile codes that can be utilized by developers for countless projects, it is considered as one of the most handy PHP frameworks in the present. Another section found on their web application is the portfolio of finished designs that are available for viewing by other users.

Symfony Usage Statistics


Recently launched in 2012, it immediately gained popularity from developers and PHP developers. This framework offers speed without consuming too much memory within your hardware; the cause for this kind of action is because it was created through the use of C++. Despite being crafted through C++, Phalcon is packed with awesome features like caching, security, easy-to-use framework, and asset management. With great performance like Phalcon, it’s easy to understand why PHP developers prefer this framework as well.


Known for its rich inherent library and availability of assistance, the Codeigniter is a free to access PHP framework that was launched in 2006. Developers also prefer this PHP system due to its hassle-free installation, smooth configuration process, and its compatibility to most platforms available on the web. Boasting to provide gigantic service for only 2MB installation program, the Codeigniter also allows installation of plugins as well as complicated coding inputs.

CodeIgniter Usage Statistics


Developers want a simpler and faster software for their programming needs and that is what CakePHP exactly offers. It requires minimal coding, thus, saving developers time and effort. Many users also opt to utilize CakePHP because of its easy to learn environment, as well as its fast and adaptable templates. Having been launched in 2005, it has already established its name within the community of most popular PHP frameworks. CakePHP is also known to power platform for big brands like Hyundai and BMW, since it also offers high-level of security, this framework is preferred by most developers.

Cakephp Usage Statistics

Though there are many available frameworks out there, it is still best to consider different aspects when you are developing your own web application such as which suit your needs and what works best to the type of platform you are developing. It is also of utmost importance to start with using simple frameworks and then gradually moving towards using more complex PHP systems.

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