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Reasons to Choose Laravel PHP Framework to Develop A Web Application

Laravel PHP Framework

Programming languages are as hard as trying to figure out an answer for a complex mathematical equation especially for beginners. A PHP framework is being used by site developers to add or edit some useful function to a particular site, while being a lot more easier to understand than complex traditional HTTP protocols.

With the belief that web development should be enjoyable and creative while at the same time, fulfilling, is Laravel’s philosophy. The company promises to take the pain out of coding and understanding programming languages while enabling the user to maximize the framework’s capacity to provide an application’s functionality.

So, why should one choose Laravel? Aside from being one of the most accessible PHP frameworks available, here are several reasons why it is the most efficient framework yet:

It’s simpler to use

Laravel provides easy to understand coding documentation so newbies can easily access the codes and work on it, hassle-free. Having been developed by it’s founder, Taylor Otwell, who also has a good command in both English language and programming, he created Laravel to help newcomers produce codes that are more digestible and easier to understand.


Laravel adjusts to what suits your needs; whether you are working as an individual or with a team, data can easily be accessed by those with you in the group; thus, developing an application or program becomes easier.


Have you ever found yourself clueless on how to work on things, especially coding complicated programs? Laravel provides a series of instructional videos which can be utilized by beginners. These series of tutorial videos were created by Jeffrey Way, who is not only a skilled developer but also a well-known instructor. The videos were easy to understand and accessible to users.

Automation Testing Work

One feedback a business owner would not want to get is how poor his website is performing. Laravel PHP framework is integrated with a function that tests your codes automatically, making users analyze whether the program they are developing are most likely to crash, have some kind of bugs, or errors. This kind of function easily point out errors thereby saving time for the programmer and delivering efficient website experience to the consumers.

Artisan Function

Another most distinguishable function within this framework is the Artisan. It is a function from the framework that easily offer programmers with various command line options or allowing them to create their own. It is a work of art, really; not only it saves time but also makes it easier for the programmer to execute commands within a short period.

All in all, Laravel PHP Framework is one of the most innovative and user-friendly programming software available in the market so far. There hasn’t been any negative feedbacks for this framework from users at all. Aside from being organized, easy to maintain codes, and sustainability, Laravel PHP Framework also leads in creating more advanced and modern computer programming.

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The Best Web Application Development PHP Frameworks in 2017

Best PHP Frameworks in 2017

Have you ever found yourself struggling through complex codings and figuring your way out how a specific framework functions? Developers always find themselves in the need to develope web applications using complex programming languages which in return consumes a lot of time and effort, only to find out that most of these codes and frameworks are not working efficiently.

Use of PHP frameworks are important to build organized / complex web applications, and we understand that you are in constant search for one that will suit best your needs, here are some best web application development PHP frameworks you can use on your next project:


Although it was just recently launched last 2011, the Laravel PHP Framework emerged to the top as one of the most prominent PHP systems used by developers today. It provides easy-to-understand application manual and a lightweight templating function called, “Blade”. Laravel PHP Framework also enables users to access informative videos to help them work their way throughout their project. Developers love Laravel because of its easy-to-use interface, simple programming tools, RESTful routing, migration supports, and its most notable function, the Artisan. The Artisan enables users to use pre-programmed commands that can help them build their platform in a short matter of time.

Laravel Usage Statistics


Building the same frameworks over and over again can be exhausting, that’s why Symfony offers developers to reuse old codes to establish their web applications. A framework that aims to provide functional, robust, and versatile codes that can be utilized by developers for countless projects, it is considered as one of the most handy PHP frameworks in the present. Another section found on their web application is the portfolio of finished designs that are available for viewing by other users.

Symfony Usage Statistics


Recently launched in 2012, it immediately gained popularity from developers and PHP developers. This framework offers speed without consuming too much memory within your hardware; the cause for this kind of action is because it was created through the use of C++. Despite being crafted through C++, Phalcon is packed with awesome features like caching, security, easy-to-use framework, and asset management. With great performance like Phalcon, it’s easy to understand why PHP developers prefer this framework as well.


Known for its rich inherent library and availability of assistance, the Codeigniter is a free to access PHP framework that was launched in 2006. Developers also prefer this PHP system due to its hassle-free installation, smooth configuration process, and its compatibility to most platforms available on the web. Boasting to provide gigantic service for only 2MB installation program, the Codeigniter also allows installation of plugins as well as complicated coding inputs.

CodeIgniter Usage Statistics


Developers want a simpler and faster software for their programming needs and that is what CakePHP exactly offers. It requires minimal coding, thus, saving developers time and effort. Many users also opt to utilize CakePHP because of its easy to learn environment, as well as its fast and adaptable templates. Having been launched in 2005, it has already established its name within the community of most popular PHP frameworks. CakePHP is also known to power platform for big brands like Hyundai and BMW, since it also offers high-level of security, this framework is preferred by most developers.

Cakephp Usage Statistics

Though there are many available frameworks out there, it is still best to consider different aspects when you are developing your own web application such as which suit your needs and what works best to the type of platform you are developing. It is also of utmost importance to start with using simple frameworks and then gradually moving towards using more complex PHP systems.

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Leading E-commerce Platforms for Your Online Store


We live in an electronic-savvy era, and shopping has also been taken to another level. Because of the increased in the number of people turning to online shopping, the term “e-commerce” was coined.

Electronic Commerce, also known as “e-commerce”, is the buying and selling of different goods and services by people across the globe through the use of the internet. Nowadays, merchants utilize different social media platforms to promote their brands, products, goods, and services to the people. However, the rise of different e-commerce websites is also popular mediums to get a merchant’s product or goods known to people.

Here are some examples of e-commerce platforms that can be used for their business, whether they are just starting or been in the field electronic commerce for a long time now:

  1. Shopify – they started in 2006 and has grown since then; from a team of 5 people to over 1,500 workers functioning across North America. The company’s history is their own online marketplace becoming one of the most sought after platforms in terms of e-commerce on the World Wide Web. They have decided to create a platform for fellow merchants in order for these people enhance their selling capabilities while marketing quality goods and services to buyers. Currently, Shopify has an estimated 325,000 verified stores over their platform and sales amounting to $24 Billion.

  1. Magento – they claim to be the world’s #1 e-commerce platform having been awarded in 2015 as the leading e-commerce platform in the Internet Retailer Top 1000. Magento creates a very promising marketplace for merchants around the world by boosting their sales through their different marketing partners. Magento has 250,00 merchants around the globe and 150,000 innovators that can help one’s business grow within the tight competition in the world of e-commerce.

  1. WooCommerce – their mission to be the ultimate WordPress toolkit provider started in 2008 through 3 people sharing their ideas via email. What started as a group selling premium WordPress themes has grown into a team selling themes, plug-ins, and creating an e-commerce platform called WooCommerce. WooCommerce is a fully customizable platform for online business owners, specifically catering to theme makers and developers for WordPress. Currently, they cater to 19 countries across the globe.

  1. BigCommerce – aiding to people who are starting out their business, BigCommerce powers thousands of merchants across 150 countries in the world. Their unique offer to business owners is their first-hand help and advice to beginners as well as a section over their website called the BigCommerce University.

Truly, choosing a platform for your online business is hard because the World Wide Web has a lot to offer; but remember to choose a platform that matches your needs and a website that offers a promising growth in your business career.

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Learn How Tomrain Helps clients in Retail Industry?


What most businesses don’t realize is that seeing is a verb. Seeing means really seeing as customers see, feel as customers feel and develop as customers would like to make things happen.

If you spell Tomrain, in every letter, you would find out that we pursue the art of seeing the possibility for our customers. We know that every customer has different needs. So we listen, we understand and we try to see how to bridge the gap. And then we implement what we see with the speed of light. And then our existing customers call it revolutionary.

From the day one, it’s our utmost focus that mediocrity is not a thing to pursue; it’s something to settle for. Thus we don’t settle for just being willing to serve our customers, we wow them.

If you’re in a retail industry and are trying to find a co-partner who can see things in your light, here we are.

Let’s walk and show you how you can achieve the best results with us. You would agree that the difference between walking and talking is not a good gap to leave behind.


We follow a simple three-word miracle – analyse, design & develop. With our 10+ years of industry experience, we know how to make things easier for you. No matter what your retail business is about, soft line or hard line, we can help you make things easier!

Fashion: As you’re expanding your business, it may seem difficult for you to handle all your customers’ preferences and demands single-handedly. What if you can have a process that simplifies everything for you! Tomrain will be able to help you do just that. With the facilitation of Tomrain, you can concentrate on your competitive advantage and we will help you with your customers’ base and their transient preferences and tastes.

Foods: Maybe you are a chef or an owner of the restaurant who wants to create a delightful experience for his/her customers! But there is a bottleneck. You’re not able to expand because you feel that there is just no way to handle massive inventories and to manage huge orders. Well, you can leave that thing to Tomrain and get busy in creating the magnificent experience for your customers. You’re in food business after all, not in managing orders and inventories. Let us create a process that simplifies the complexity of massive inventories and huge orders.

Drugs: Your main concern is your value chain even if you know that you are capable of helping a lot of customers. You don’t need to worry. Our software will help you effectively manage your value chain and serve as many customers as you want without delay or increased transition time.

Hard Line businesses: It’s hard to manage hard line businesses. Yes, there are huge orders and limitless billing at the end of the month. Put a stop to your worrisome thought. Because Tomrain is at your service. Our software will help you deal with the complexity and bring every information right in front of you whenever you require them.

But there are many companies who build software, solve issues and simplify complexities. Then why choose Tomrain over any other company?

Because we don’t leave you with the software; and our entire approach doesn’t only include technology. We help you in strategy and marketing before we deliver the software.
Here’s how.


This is the key to all of the locks. And we understand that. Our approach is to understand your strategy and ensure sustainability of your business.

If we create something that is not sustainable, it doesn’t make sense to create it in the first place.

We help you in –

Expanding markets: We know that you would like to grow at an exponential rate. We help you ease up the processes so that you can implement your vision into reality.

Improving formats: The retail customers are getting adapted to the smaller formats of retail stores. It’s high time that you understand the value of it and let Tomrain do the rest.

Ensuring more capital productivity: The productivity ratio is always same – how much output you bring forth due to the input you have put in! With Tomrain, be ensured about creating higher capital productivity.

Ensuring strategic value creation: Your business has a lot of stakeholders and without taking all of them into account, you won’t be able to expand your business in a sustainable way. Our job as your co-partner is to increase your chances of creating better value for all your strategic partners.

Strategy is the essence of your business and we understand that your vision matters. We are there with you so that you feel assisted, cared for and creating the value-addition you would like to create for yourself.


This is the age of permission marketing. If as marketers we don’t build experiences, then marketing efforts wouldn’t matter at the end of the day. Thus, we call ourselves the marketing architect of creating experiences for consumers.

We collect insights from the customers’ preferences and their behaviors and help you utilize those insights to help more and more customers by appealing them with relevant products and services.
We also facilitate in creating the right marketing mix for you so that you can create tangible value for your customers and make your brand count.

At the end, it’s important to mention that we’re committed to serve you with the cutting edge technology, help you become better equipped to serve your customers better and make you more informed about how you would bridge the gap between where you are and the place you want to be. The way you care for your customers and don’t want them to go through any hassle, our products and services for your retail needs are entirely customer-centric.

We are the walkers of our words and we’ve already proven our magnificence with our many retail clients with varying needs. If you want to wow your customer experience and the way they shop, let us wow with our expertise, technology and facilitation.

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Why Digital Transformation Should Be A Strategic Priority For Travel Industry?


There are two things to consider here. First is what will happen to your customer base if as a travel agency you don’t go for digital transformation. And the second thing is where you will you be after 5 years if you don’t go for digital transformation right away.

Let’s talk about these two things in detail and then we will discuss why digital transformation should be a strategic priority for Travel Industry.

What will happen to your customer base if as a travel agency you don’t go for digital transformation?

If you don’t go for digital transformation right away, only stakeholders that will remain are only internal stakeholders in few years to come. So all of your existing customers will go away from you and be loyal to the travel agency which has changed its strategy in alignment with digital transformation.


Because as existing customers, they want convenience more than anything else! If you don’t go for digital transformation, you won’t be able to make your mark in their lives and thus they will leave you for other more advanced, technology-driven competitors.

Now what will happen to those customers who are now your potential customers? Well, these potential customers will remain potential only and will never become your customers if you don’t choose for digital transformation.

Where will you be after 5 years if you don’t go for digital transformation right away?

To state where you will be after 5 years if you don’t go for digital transformation is in simple term “obsolescence.” When you have started your business, as per the nature of the business it should have been perpetuity which means that even after your demise, the business will go on.

But this is a critical moment and if you don’t take charge of this situation right away, your competitor will eat up all your market share and you will only be left with obsolete customer service, old processes and traditional way of dealing with customers.

It is important that you understand the significance of digital transformation right away and do something about it.

Now you know why digital transformation is important for your business.

Let’s talk about why you should make digital transformation the strategic priority if you are in Travel Industry.

What is a strategic priority?

Business has many long term goals to achieve. Suppose you create a strategy that within 10 years you will create another diversified business, then it would be called your strategy. But eyeing for only one thing won’t help the business survive. They need multiple strategies which they should work on. Among them, which strategy has the most significance in the long run and will help the business most, that strategy (or a mental leap) is called a strategic priority for business.

Why digital transformation should be a strategic priority for Travel Industry?

No matter what you are, a small business, a giant organization or a sole-proprietorship utopia, you need digital transformation in travel industry right away. Here are the top reasons for which you should not delay the process –

Great web presence:

We don’t need to tell you that you need a website to be able to function properly. That is a given. But on and above having a website won’t help until the website is not found by potential customers. You need to invest in the process of creating SEO effective so that people all over the world can find your website whenever they want to know about the travel industry. Moreover, you also need to create a blog where you will not only promote your products and services but also entertain and educate your customers and potential customers about the benefit of traveling with you or through you.

Social media exposure:

Social media has eaten up the whole customer base now. If you can choose one or two medium to promote your content and offer your customers great travel packages, the chances of getting more customers will drastically increase. You will also be able to directly take their feedback and improve upon your products and services as per the needs and preferences of the customers. You would also communicate with the potential customers and promote ads in social media. Don’t take this lightly. Because this single thing can change the entire dimension of your travel business.

Do some research on long range keyword:

The basic thing to stand out in the market is to understand what customers search for! Yes, short keywords are important, but you need to take into account long-range keywords which are used less. If you can employ a consultant for all your website and SEO needs, then you would be able to relax and you can enjoy the results. You may not be able to manage everything all alone (if you just started out). Why not outsource the website handling aspect to a technology partner?

Rapid change of technology:

5 years ago, customers couldn’t think of booking a travel package from their mobile. But with technology getting so advanced, they can do anything from a finger touch and remember, they have so many options. If you don’t serve them well and as per their need, they can switch and go to someone else for better value. So think from your customers’ point of view and offer services that make customers come back to you again and again and again.

Improve the processes:

The old processes may not work now. You need to install new paradigm and mindset into the business. Innovate, understand, apply and then if you need to change anything along the way, do that without wasting any down time. If you improve the process, you would be able to improve everything else. Think how you would be able to automate most of your processes so that it becomes easy for customers.

If you don’t make digital transformation a priority, you will be transmuted into something obsolete. And that’s not good news. We’re not here to warn you but to make you aware that steps need to be taken right away so that you can make your business grow, rather than being eaten up by your competitors.

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