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Enrich your business portfolio by integrating Apache Solr Search with your Magento store

Exerting a pull on your customers might be a complicated task but making them hold onto you is even more challenging and complicated.

The features that you offer to your customers act like a life-blood to your eCommerce business. But also note that the features alone would not determine the success of a store. The features have to be made an open resource which is available to the viewers. To enable this, a powerful search tool is quintessential.

Magento search tool is what that comes to our mind when we talk about a majestic and robust search tool. This is because an intelligent search tool could give the user the best shopping experience which is not attained by mere display of advertisements and sponsored links.

Before diving deep into why Apache Solr Search needs to be integrated with Magento, let us have some idea of what Solr is.

So, what does Solr stand for? Searching On Lucene w/Replication

What is it actually? An HTTP-based search application.

Apache Solr Search

Developed by the intellectual developers at Apache, Apache Solr search is open source enterprise software. This is integrated with the eCommerce store (website or mobile application) by the developers without any Java coding.

The major advantage of Apache Solr search is that it surpasses all other inbuilt tools that are available on the eCommerce websites in terms of speed and accuracy with the help of Lucene Search Library.

If the online merchant would like to have advanced customizations he could do so with the help of the extensive plugin architecture.

Why use Solr search?

There are quite a lot of advantages of using a Solr Search in an eCommerce website.

  • Solr search is open source.
  • No license fee involved.
  • Easy to alter the software
  • Research on how a data is processed could be done easily by informed programmers
  • Additional functions could be added (Customization of software made possible)
  • Make search option better when the products in the store are not arranged hierarchically

Integrate Apache Solr Search with Magento

Only a top rated professional could help you with the integration of Apache Solr Search with Magento. But even before that a thorough research on what type of Solr search needs to be implemented has to be checked.

Identify the roots of your business requirements

There is a lot of variances when it comes to business. The needs and demands differ from one to another in a drastic manner. So even before integration process, ensure that there is a field work done from the roots.

Check for Compatibility

The Magento developers should provide you with a Search option that is compatible with your eCommerce store and is fine-tuned as per your requirement.


Quality diagnostic checks need to be done and steps must be taken to check whether the integration has been established properly so that the products are sorted and searched easily.

Technical support

The Magento development company must assist you at times when you face any technicalities. The services and consultations are the most vital part here.

Key features

The above mentioned are the advantages of Solr Search. Let us now have a look at the key features of Apache Solr Search.

  • Rapid and swift searching option – The rapid option for searching helps to index the searches of the customer in a lightning speed.
  • ‘Did you mean?’ feature – The ‘Did you mean?’ functionality acts as a pawn for Solr Search. This is actually a part of the Spell Check Guide
  • Auto complete search option – This option helps to complete the word while typing the product name.
  • Compatible full-text searching and a refined search facility from multiple databases.
  • Hassle-free data pulling from multiple databases.
  • Flexible to integrate new features.


So you might be clear of what exactly is the Apache Solr Search and why is it required in Magento. Also, you might have developed a clear insight on the uses of integrating this feature to your Magento eCommerce store.

Hire the perfect Magento development company and avail yourself the best features and make your business a successful one.

Omnichannel retailing – A new trend in the retail industry

Since the past decade, one could witness a spectacular change in the retailing field. The latest trend being Omnichannel retailing. This is mainly due to the advent of existing online channels and addition of newer channels such as social media and mobile channels. The change is basically because of the amendment in the shopping behavior of the customers.

They expect the best shopping experience which has paved way for the ultimate growth of online retailing with Omnichanneling as the prime weapon to target customers.

Omnichannel – What does it mean?

Omnichannel is the integration of physical channels and digital channels, in simple terms the conglomeration of offline and online methods altogether and providing the customer or user a unified shopping experience.

The brick and mortar stores cannot be considered as less profitable nor the online store is considered as a riskier one. The best retailer would see to it that the customer avails the best of services as per his convenience both online and offline.

Cohesive Platform

Omnichannel retailing is the requirement of the hour, but most of the retailers and merchants are deprived of techno-knowledge which has led to a drop in their business. The cohesive platform would, therefore, endorse the store and would also help in seamless customer experience.

The requirements of Omnichannel Retailing
  •  Maintain a single identity across platforms

From the brand logo till the text color used, the identity that is being carried upon needs to be the same. Platforms here refer to the online and offline kiosk. This would help in building the brand image and win loyalty among customers.

  • Order management

Omni channeling helps in the effective management of orders placed by the customers.

  • Single inventory

A Single inventory helps the customers beware of the available product in exact numbers and take a decision based on that. See to it that you specify the exact detailing of the number of items available in the warehouse.

  • Promotions

Promotions and marketing strategies need to be unified (the same) in all cases and must be the same in all media (online, offline and Social media) that is taken into consideration.

Growth of Omni-channel in India and the Asian region

Statistics say that the cumulative value of Omnichannel in India is almost 4 percent of the entire retail world which is 24 billion USD out of 600 billion USD. The above percentage is expected a rise of more than a double by 2020.

The value not just considers the transaction values but takes into account the revenue increased via digital marketing.

Note that due to Omnichannel retailing almost 15 percent of the revenues are reaped by Macys, Walmart and other companies in the west.

10 per cent of the revenues due to Omnichannel retailing are from the Asian companies. Omnichannel has evolved from the terminology means into a mere reality.

Doctrine of Omnichannel Retailing

The principle of Omnichannel retailing is the O2O formula where ‘O’ refers to online and offline

respectively. But this strategy is not needed for bigger brands since they already have those marketing tactics. This is not the case for small scale businesses and retailers where they need to think twice about the third-party solutions considering the cost factor.

Tips for brand building and developing customer engagement
  • Communication Research Method (CRM) and customer engagement solutions
  • Enhance the In-Store shopping experience with AI, chatbots and upgrading yourself with
  • technology.
  • Structured Analytics for proper organization and management.
  •  Implementing software in customer delivery (Tracking of the product made visible to the
  • customers step-by- step)
  • Provide agile solutions to clients by bringing down the total cost of ownership
  • GloCal marketing strategy (Global outlook with local insights)
  •  Focus on the positive outcome for clients through intellectual solutions

How to unlock Omnichannel retailing?

  • Acquire a valid license from a best online retail solution provider (SI, Service Integrator).
  • Hire an ad agency or an SEO specialist to prosper in the digital marketing arena.
  • Optimize your business platform
  • Offer solutions and business consultations to your customers
Customer expectation

As days go by, the faith and trust the customer has put in towards Omnichannel retailing increases and even the quality of online retailers has improved over time.

While talking about the mentality of the customer, it is universal that these customers are subjects with limited patience and they expect the shopping experience to be rapid and swift at the same time more effective too.

If the website is not that responsive and takes a longer time to load the customers switch over to your competitors thereby resulting in the deep drop in the turnover ratio.

Also, the minds of customers are quite wavering, which is a benefit for your retail business. When you are into Omnichannel retailing, ensure that you suggest your customers some other products from any other category that is sure to win their hearts.

Make sure your customer comes back to you over and over. This could be possible only if you would deliver the product on time without any inconvenience to the customer. If the product is delivered on time the customer would approach you for the next time.


You might now be clear about what exactly is Omnichannel retailing and also might be updated upon the growth of retail business via Omnichannel retailing. Implement this form of retailing in the online and offline kiosk of your retail business by contacting a retail solution provider and feel the difference in the turnover ratio.

Chatbots – a fascination in the retail industry


Here is the latest trend in online retailing! Expanding the business empire with interactive chatbots!

Chatbot – Introduction

A chatbot is actually a computer program which simulates communication with the site visitors either in the form of audio or in the form of texts. In short, it is a virtual human being which is programmed in a way humans would react to a particular condition.

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What is so fascinating about Magento 2.0?

Right after the release of the latest version of Magento in 2015, there were quite a lot of speculations revolving around it. Though some were enthusiastic about the new change and were eager to give it a try and integrate it with their eCommerce store, many other users were inquisitive about migrating to the new Magento 2.0 platform.

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